Xavi Torres

Clàssica Contemporània

23 november
6 pm / 12 € & 15 €

The pianist Xavi Torres is one of the most promising and projected musicians on the European jazz scene. He currently lives in Holland, where he has graduated in the Jazz Master's Degree and the Bachelor of Classics at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and where he has the opportunity to collaborate with great musicians from all over the jazz and avant-garde scene in the international arena.

He presents his new solo piano album, "Curiosity". A variety of styles and textures played with great freedom and unique performance. Original compositions that combine the groove of an Argentine chacarera with the harmony of Mahler or African rhythms with modes of Messian. Being alone on stage allows him to navigate between very compositional moments to others of complete and genuine freedom, tension and baroque opposed to delicate and melodic landscapes, making the public travel from the beginning to the end of the concert.

#festivalterrer 2019

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