Xarop de Canya


Saturday, December 3 at 12 noon

Xarop de Canya is a music and animation company that was born in the fall of 1987. Initially, the group, exclusively musical, had its natural performance space in the street, where it generally moved between parades and encounters with giants. Despite this simplicity, the unique sound of the group combined with the use of original costumes and the constant investigation of the complicity of the public, make Xarop de Canya forge its own recognized style.

In Capçanes they will present Terrabastall a musical proposal that combines melodies, styles and songs from some of the different cultural traditions of the Mediterranean peoples, taking, as a starting point, some of those from our closest and most popular repertoire, others more distant and even, own creation.

Pau Puig, saxo, dolçaina, tarota and bansuri
Jaume Aguza, shawm and tarota
Marc Ruescas, trombone
Daniel Farran, cajon, djmbe
Paula Farran, dhol, tambourine, güiro and karkaves
David Farran, hype and davul

Free entrance
Vermuth tasting

#festivalterrer 2022

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