Xarim Aresté


Saturday, October 29 at 9pm
Torroja del Priorat

Fifth studio album of his solo career, Ses Entranyes, with which Xarim Aresté puts instinct and guts above all else and surrounds himself with an exquisite side to whom he entrusts all his art. Some kind of intuition made him write the verse that gives the album its title in Mallorcan, which has finally become a thank you to the musicians -all Mallorcan- who have accompanied him in the studio to give birth to this visceral work of art.

The songs that are part of the album have been composed with guitar and voice from the gut and not with the mind. Aresté explains that from the first moment he renounced having any control over them, for this reason, he decided to record the album live, without rehearsing with the musicians. The quality of the band and the connection between its members and with the project would make the first dams authentic, without having time to think much about what they had to do, but doing it from the insite and in just a day and a half.

Xarim Aresté, voice, guitar, harmonica and violin
Ricard Sohn, piano, organ and synthesizer
Enrique Fuster, drums
Joan Garcias, double bass
Pep Garau, trumpet
Tomeu Garcias, trombone

Tickets: 22 €
Doors open at 18:30pm

#festivalterrer 2022

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