Sandra Monfort

Indie & folk

Sunday 11th September 6pm
Plaça de l'Església

There are some treasures that are cultivated slowly, with great care, love and passion. And this has been the case of Sandra Monfort, who has developd her music like a little enigma, like something she had to protect until it was ready to flower. It is clear that, Sandra Monfort has flowered. And it’s already an open secret.

Composer, guitarist and singer Sandra Monfort now debuts with Niño Reptil Ángel, an album that sits between traditional, avant-garde and electronic music, and which contains touches of classical, flamenco, roots and pop music. The virtuoso guitars and Sandra Monfort’s voice guide us through songs that speak of the human condition through nature, the vulnerability of the soul, the strengths and weaknesses. A work that encourages fraternity and calls on us to reconnect with the purity that we have inside.

Sandra Monfort, voice & guitar
Cibran Seixo, violin, percussion, berimbao, synthesizers and programming
Crnds, electric guitar, harmonium, synthesizers, programming and mandolin

Tickets: 18€
Including wine tasting
Doors open at 5.30pm

#festivalterrer 2022

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