Roba Estesa


Saturday 3th September 9pm
Les Eres

Rosa Permanent (2021) is the result of more than a year of research and creation after Dolors (2020), the group’s previous album, which marked a turning point in its sound. Rosa Permanent takes up this sound path, passing through a long studio production process to reveal hitherto unexplored aesthetics and styles, produced and recorded by Joan Borràs and Ferran Casas.

In this latest album, Roba Estesa delve into more emotional worlds and talk about how revolutionary it is to detect, listen and shed light on everyone who hurts us. It is a journey of reflections between the individual and the  collective, a mixture of emotional states that are never black or white. Rosa Permanent talks about the paths that emerge from the marginal, talks about pain, sorrow, love, the memory that comes back to stay, transforming the present on the basis of community and its remedies.

Helena Bantula, electric guitar
Sandra Bracke and Eiden Sánchez, Catalan sign language interpreters
Laia Casanellas, Spanish guitar, acoustic guitar and guitarrón
Lidia Facerías, keyboards and accordion
Clàudia García-Albea, violin
Xerach Peñate, drums
Gemma Polo, vocals
Anna Sardà, electric bass

Tickets: 18€
Doors open at 6.30pm

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