Rap i pop

Saturday, November 19 at 1930pm
Casal de l'Olivera
Els Guiamets

Pupil·les is a Valencian rap music group, formed by Natàlia Pons and Mireia Matoses and deejay Rule (Joan Rodríguez). It was born in Valencia in 2014, finding its cultivation habitat in the neighborhood of Benimaclet. Her style is defined as feminist rap, with influences from other styles such as punk and reggaeton. Among his references are Obrint Pas, La Gossa Sorda o Aspencat. As for female references, La Mala Rodríguez stands out, as does Gata Cattana. Her lyrics are characterized by being vindictive and literary, with clear and direct feminist messages.

This year they present the new album Tot i res produced by Mark Dasousa, a journey through personal stories that can be framed within the concepts of love, sex and friendship; and that arises from the desire to pay homage to the poet Joan Vinyoli. The group has evolved from rap to pop, leaving us with more danceable rhythms and songs full of optimism and openly festive rhythms.

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Doors opens at 18:30pm

#festivalterrer 2022

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