Pep Gimeno “Botifarra”


4 September, 7pm
Camp d’esports
La Febró

Some years ago now the Moroccan musician Ahmed Touzani (born in Tangier) arrived in Genovés, carrying his violin, his lute, his voice and a mastery of the popular music of his country. There he met Pep Gimeno, “Botifarra” and, spending time working together and learning about their respective repertoires, they offer us this piece of work, a concert where we can discover the incredible similarities between the music of the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean.

Botifarra is a popular music phenomenon in this country. With his deep voice, ironic attitude and big heart rooted in the Horta area near Valencia, he set out – from the age of thirteen – to tour towns and villages recording the words and songs of elderly people to rescue from oblivion and preserve a tradition that was about to disappear.

Pep Gimeno “Botifarra”
Ahmed Touzani
Juanra Martí
Vicent Carrasco
Xus Belda
Joan Codina

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#festivalterrer 2021

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