Traditional music

07 December
1 pm / free
Plaça de l'Església

Sardanas, jotas, music for parades, processions and traditional festivities. Mirantfont is a band that has always offered a wide range of possibilities. Based in La Fatarella, its repertoire includes the Priorat jota and Mediterranean festive pieces. It was founded in 1970 as a festive band with the name of Los Rayos, becoming highly popular in the 70s. In the mid-80s it was decided to change the name of the orchestra to the current one of Mirantfont, which refers to a place in its home town of La Fatarella. Ever since then the band has remained a constant on the local music scene, sharing new dreams and new milestones with its audiences.

Roger Balsebre Trias
Mireia Borrell Mas
Joan Descarrega Rius
Rosa Jordà Mas
Marta Rius Llop

Alto saxophones,
Bernat Descarrega Rius
Célia Llop Ardevol

Tenor saxophones,
Arnau Alvarez Beltran

Ramon Rius Llop
Antoni Vaqué pascual

Roc lluís mulet
Aleix lluís Navarro

Josep Cugat Ruana
Biel Rius Jordà

Guillem Alvarez  Beltran
Joan Antoni Rius i Llop

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