David Carabén


9 November
19:30 pm / Free tickets in the local council until one week before the concert

When the jury of the contest Miquel Martí i Pol Prize constituted by Silvia Bel, Eduard Escoffet, Lluís Gendrau, Ramon Muntaner, Josep “Pitu” Roca and in Lluís Llach meets in Porrera, which coincides with the local festival and wine tasting, the winery Vall Llach organizes a concert.

David Carabén, one of the key figures of the Catalan music scene, has written a handful of songs that, contextualized and commented by himself to the book "La forma d’un sentit" (Empúries, 2015). David gives us an intimate review of songs that are not usually part of his live repertoire, poems by Joan Vinyoli and adaptations of some of the reference venues. An extraordinary opportunity to (re) discovers who has best sung to love, beauty and night.

#festivalterrer 2019

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