Marc Vilajuana

Musica sacra i composició minimalista

Sunday 21st August at 11:30am
Cartoixa d’Escaladei
La Morera de Montsant

Before the theorising of sound, before composition, when music existed only in memory and practice, this was when Gregorian chant sprang from its minimal, most essential ingredients. jumping forward to the 19th century, this desire for austerity and reiteration returned under the name of minimalism.

Marc Vilajuana produces and presents Matèria prima in the incomparable setting of the Cartoixa d’Escaladei, a concert of vocal music for four voices featuring medieval religious material and his own contemporary compositions characterised by asceticism, precision and listening: “It’s neither paint nor varnish, but raw material and its genuine texture.”

The event includes an art exhibition from Montserrat Adzeries painting work.


Tickets: 22€
Including tasting of DOQ Priorat wines
Tour, tasting and concert from 11.30am to 14pm

#festivalterrer 2022

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