27 October
1 pm / 5 €
Sala d’Actes
La Morera de Montsant

Pairing with the Festa del Vin Blanc wine tasting, the Festival Terrer lands at La Morera with a concert of Menut, a fresh and endearing proposal. From Ribera d’Ebre, Carles Blanch and Alberto García bring a revitalized song. All the songs as a child have a common denominator: the guitarro. With verses that are influenced by the Nova Cançó of the twentieth century and the Jota, this duo adds a contemporary tone to its root music. All this with a sound close to pop and folk music that makes his proposal an original mix between the new and the old.

Carles Blanch Guzmán, voice & guitarró / Alberto García Cernadas, voice & guitar

#festivalterrer 2018