Magalí Sare


Saturday 22nd October at 7pm
Teatre de l’Envelat
La Vilella Baixa

Magalí once again plunges into her world, taking us on a journey through different stages of growth, showing us her way of thinking and interpreting the world through herself and other characters in letters, poems and aphorisms. She highlights concepts such as childhood and adolescence to create a symbiosis between past and present that she presents as an indivisible whole. Magalí mixes different subtle reflections with a touch of irony about acceptance, depression, the role of the artist in society, the memories that we store, that we relive and that are mixed with the eternal wheel of the gerund.

On the album Esponja she displays her musical history, offering a mixture of classical, jazz and traditional music with touches of modern production. The songs on this album are defined by living elements: piano, strings and different types of guitars, as well as artificial elements through electronic and synthesiser effects. Ballads contrast with highly energetic, fun material predominate. We find spoken parts, intimate and minimalist moments – but also extroverted moments.

Magali Sare, voice
Dani López, keyboards and electronics
Sebastià Gris, guitars
Josep Cordobés, drums

Tickets: 18 €
Doors open at 6.30pm

#festivalterrer 2022

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