Los Sara Fontán + Sònia Gómez


26 September, 7pm
Teatre L'Artesana

LOS SARA FONTÁN combine the experimental emotion of Sara Fontán with the rhythmic energy of Edu Pou. Not recording albums is a statement: their chosen terrain is live, always physical, changing and permeable to their surroundings, avoiding the music industry hamster wheel. A concert by Sara Fontán is the soundtrack to whatever you want to imagine, giving the audience the freedom to interpret and feel it in their own unique, personal way.

In a career of just two years they have already toured Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Germany, taking festivals in highly varied genres and temples of DIY from Pontevedra’s Liceo Mutante to Berlin’s Kastanienkeller. A professional violinist must be absolutely clear about Itzhak Perlman’s maxim: “If you learn something slowly, you forget it slowly.” Sara takes the violin as a starting point to create any texture and invoke any mood. Alongside her, Edu Pou (half of ZA!, a landmark on the European underground scene) takes up the challenge of turning percussion into melody and stretching the dynamics from the minuscule to the epic.

On this special occasion, inspired by Isabelle Meyer, the experimental duet is joined by the dancer and creative talent Sònia Gómez. With the aromas of the grape harvest teasing the evening air at the Clos Mogador winery, the evening promises to be vibrant.

Tickets: €22
Include wine tasting
Doors open at 6pm
Capacity: 200 people

#festivalterrer 2020

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