Las Karamba


Saturday, October 1 at 7pm
El Sindicat
La Torre de Fontaubella

Las Karamba is born from the empathy between seven life stories. It is a multicultural mix between Venezuela, Cuba, Catalonia, France and Argentina. A band that gives rise to a style where dreams, chachachá, salsa merge with hiphop and urban music, creating a new, special, contagious and powerful color. Founded in 2018 in the choir of the streets of Barcelona, between chaos, traffic, the city and stress, in the need to acquire strength, combat fears and spread joy and enthusiasm to all audiences.

Las Karamba is the voice of all those women who were silent, who were in the shadows, who fought soles, throughout the history of music, and who today have a lot to tell. Stories of migrations and musical heritages, with the intention of pursuing dreams, experiencing the potential and human sensitivity.

Ahyvin Bruno, voice and guiro
Rita Baulida, timbala
Ahylin Bruno, drums
Liviet Ojeda, bass
Natasha Arizu, keyboard
Angie Obin, flute

Tickets: 25 €
Bar and food service
Doors opens at 18:30pm

#festivalterrer 2022

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