Judith & Meritxell Neddermann

Traditional songs

06 December
19 pm / 15 € & 18 €
Local Social

Judit and Meritxell Neddermann meet to present a new joint album. The album is a review of popular Catalan carols through the sieve of the Neddermann sisters. Featured musicians such as Ferran Savall or the sisters Ahyvin and Ahylin Bruno collaborate on the album.
Judit and Meritxell born in a family of musicians have made a hole in the national music scene, each drawing different paths. Meritxell was trained in the music school of Berklee (Boston) and is currently in the process of creating her first album. Judit has published three albums wherein each one of them she has been making steps to enjoy the public and programmer recognition for her work.

Judith Neddermann, veu i pandero
Meritxell Neddermann, piano, teclat i veu
Arnau C., cajón, octapad, plats, tinaja i veu
Miquel Angel Cordero, contrabaix i veu

#festivalterrer 2019

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