Josep Pedrals

Poetry & music

02 December
6 pm / 8 € i 10 €
Celler de Ca la Càndia
El Masroig

Josep Pedrals is dedicated to poetry from multiple fronts, he puts music to verses and verses into music, expands the theatricality of verse or includes verses in other drama. In the framework of the Festival Terrer, the Center Quim Soler proposes to explore his last book “Els límits de Quim Porta”, a work that transcends the limits of the book format. A riot of language. Poetry, stories, joggling games from the avant-garde category. An avalanche pedralenc of the best harvest! The lyrics will be by the oxymoronic Roger Conesa, at the Saxo and more things, too.

Josep Pedrals, rapsoda / Roger Conesa, music

Organized by Centre Quim Soler & Festival MostThe poetry performance will be preceded by the screening of the short film Amore d’inverno. Isabel Herguera, 8 min. Italy, 2015. (Best fiction of – Most 2016)

#festivalterrer 2018

  • Music & wine pairing with: