Isabel Vinardell & Isabelle Laudenbach


27 November, 7pm

One’s own voice is always the result of an interpersonal experience, of a constant dialogue with the other that activates one’s own sound box. Because resonating is nothing more than the micro-moment of intimate connection through the other. From inside you, with the other person and with the medium. And Isabel Vinardell and Isabelle Laudenbach’s live show argues just this. In this new project they dare to explore the source of their voice: how it appears, how it comes out and how it resonates.

Mireia Calafell, Héctor Arnau, Laura Tomàs and Dorothée Volut lend them their words to plunge into this refined game where sound, body and word are combined. The voice and dancing of Isabel Vinardell and the sounds of the guitar and backing vocals of Isabelle Laudenbach place us at a starting point to access this intimate knowledge through a language that points directly to the soul.

Tickets: 18 €

#festivalterrer 2021

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