Heura Gaya

Folk & pop

20 October
12:30 pm / 12 € & 15 €
Ermita del Loreto

Heura Gaya, begins with Gaya (Microscope Seal 2019) a personal investigation through an intimate repertoire that travels loudly between pop and folk and at the same time draws on the most entrenched tradition. Her songs evoke nature and appeal to the romantic love of the 19th century, with a sweet voice and an often melancholic emotional tone. Gaya pose music to texts by J.V. Foix, Eduard Toldrà, Josep Maria de Sagarra or Maria-Mercè Marçal with friendly and close traditional sounds that refer to the smell of landscape and the love for the usual things.

Heura Gaya, voice
Abel Serr, guitar
Cati Plana, acordió diatònic
Cristina Membrive, baix
Andreu Moreno, drums

#festivalterrer 2019

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