Corrandes són corrandes & Jaume Arnella


2 October, 5pm
Teatre de l’Envelat
La Vilella Baixa

Two ways of singing come together in two generations to discuss, in song form, memory and history with a clear interest in social comment and territorial identity. The show Pedra Foguera (Fire Striker) reflects the life of a musician, how he sees things and how he can strike a spark before an audience. Jaume Arnella sings songs to stir the emotions. Corrandes són Corrandes take these emotions and turn them over in ephemeral songs. They are here to sing up close and laugh at life, with an identity and a passion.

Before the concert there will be a presentation of the book Pensar en vers. La cançó improvisada als països de la Mediterrània (Thinking in Verse: Improvised Song in the Mediterranean Countries) by its author, Josep Vicent Frechina.

With the support of the music and popular culture magazine Caramella.

Jaume Arnella, voice & guitar
Anaís Falcó, voice & violin
Christian Simelio, voice & guitarró
Jaume Casalí, diatonic accordeon & voice

Tickets: 18 €

#festivalterrer 2021

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