Festival Terrer

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© Festival Terrer Priorat 2019

Pau Fort
Blai Rosés

Carol van Waart

Produced by_
Pau Fort
Pablo Vidal

Lídia de Mena
Isabel Vilà
Cristina Jiménez
Isabel Meyer
Marina Miquel

Ferran Estivill

Ruth Troyano
Claudia Bonet
Blai Rosés
Nuria Alfonso
Alba Pallejà
Rosa Barris

Translated by_
Mike Holt (Traduccions Priorat)

© Festival Terrer is a Escola de Terrer SL project

Escola de Terrer

A terrer, known everywhere by the French name terroir, is a terrain with unique geological and geographical characteristics for agricultural production, used particularly to refer to wine and olive-growing. Escola de Terrer is committed to the principles of respect for land and nature, emphasizing in each territory the character and the identity of the place. In general we work with knowledge, products and practices from the south of Catalonia, tools that allow us to recognize, distinguish and appreciate the unique products of this area. From the river Gaià to the river Ebro, drystone walls, dry watercourses and streams, thyme and rosemary, bar rock, arid land. The South.

Fesival Terrer Priorat is a project of Escola de Terrer SL, a company led by Pau Fort Baixeras and Blai Rosés, two entrepreneurs with a background in the arts and with experience in the management of spaces and projects in this field. Terrer is a young company which aims to establish itself in the region, operating in the professional fields of culture, the world of wine and heritage. Our company philosophy is based on commitment to the community, sustainability, a good job well done and quality product.

Our company develops projects in the following areas:
Design, management and production of arts and tourist spaces
Design, management and production of arts and tourist events
Running museums, visitor centres and arts facilities
Management and production of events and promotional campaigns
Design, management and production of activities aimed at leisure learning