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Festival Terrer

Festival Terrer Priorat has established itself as an outstanding cultural event, a landmark on the national scene. Terrer provides an excellent showcase for the Priorat, one where music, landscape, architecture and the pleasure of fine wine express all the richness of this unique part of the world.

The festival takes place in a format extending from late summer through to early winter to fit into the territory of the designations of origin that sponsor it: the Priorat and Montsant wine regions and the Siurana olive oil region. Its programme consists of 100% authentic concerts in small format, held in venues of outstanding heritage or landscape value, all in line with the humanistic, transcendental tone that the festival has had right from the start.

As life resumes once more, the Terrer Priorat festival offers a wealth of culture, connecting at the same time with the millenarian culture of wine. We are reconnecting with nature and the human condition through culture and landscape. Winds of change are blowing, so let’s allow music to give us back hope in a journey to the deepest origins of Mediterranean life.

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