Festival Terrer

C/ Sant Pau 15
43365 Arbolí (Priorat)

© Festival Terrer is a Escola de Terrer SL project

Escola de Terrer

A terroir, known everywhere with the French name terroir, is a terrain with unique geological and geographical characteristics for agricultural production, especially used to mean a characteristic vineyard and olive plantations. Escola de Terrer is committed to the values ​​of respect for land and nature, emphasizing in each territory the character and the identity of the place. Manly, we work with knowledge, products and practices from the south of Catalonia, tools that allow us to recognize, differentiate and appreciate the unique products of this area.

Escola de Terrer SL is a project led by Pau Fort Baixeras and Blai Mesa Rosés, two entrepreneurs trained in cultural production and with experience in the management of spaces and projects in this field. Terruño is a young company with the will to establish itself in the territory operating in the professional fields of culture, the world of wine and heritage. Our company philosophy is based on a work involved with the community, the sustainability and quality product.

Escola de Terrer develops projects of:
Design, management and production of cultural and tourist spaces
Design, management and production of cultural and tourist events.
The management of museums, interpretation spaces and cultural facilities.
The management and production of events and promotional campaigns.
Design, management and production of activities oriented to education in leisure.