02 november
12 am
Conreria d’Escaladei
La Morera de Montsant

Coinciding with the tasting of Vin Blanc, the Terrer Festival lands at the Conreria de Escaladei with Balaustre, Cobla Alta del Limousin formed by musicians from the Camp de Tarragona linked to the ESMUC. This project aims to explore the side of the Catalan Renaissance's high music in all its maximum sound potential. That is why they use the word “Limousin”, of Occitan origin, which was used to refer to the whole of the Catalan language and that we extrapolated to the music that sounded in these territories. The formation of the cobla is composed of a quartet of xeremies and percussions.

Daniel Carbonell, xeremia soprano
Jaume Cuartero, xeremia contralt
Sònia Arias, xeremia contralt
Oriol Olivé, xeremia tenor
Òscar “Titus” Prats, drums
Marc Vall, drums

#festivalterrer 2019