Anna Ferrer “Parenòstic”


Monday, October 1 at 7pm
Església de Sant Andreu

Anna Ferrer’s sophisticated folk proposal explores a new concept of root music with extraordinary vocal competence. Without making much noise, the Menorcan is revealing herself, step by step, as one of the most promising and daring talents of the most heterodox folk of the Catalan Countries. Parenòstic, a project that will tour national stages this year, stems from this committed and profound work of understanding the creative process linked to intangible and common heritage arising from oral tradition.

Parenòstic is the temporary culmination of Anna Ferrer’s personal and artistic process, insofar as she lives, creates and shares the integration of the opposites that creation and tradition meant for her. With Tel·lúria she defended this folklore that places her in the world humanly and culturally, while with Krönia she freed herself from the endorsement of feeling part of a single code of origin, allowing herself sonorities not linked to the supposed folkloric identity. Now, rested from this internal creative combat, understands that is a whole, that creation and tradition go hand in hand, and that she cannot create without considering tradition, and she cannot stop singing about tradition without contributing creativity.

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Doors opens at 18:30pm

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