Alba Carmona


18 September, 7pm
Castell de Siurana

A student of roots music, Alba Carmona has moved for years between the sounds of different traditional and modern styles. She has trodden countless stages together with artists with whom she has never stopped learning and sharing, including Perico Sambeat, Carlos Saura, Chano Dominguez, Las Migas and Mauricio Sotelo. She now presents Canciones del folklore a tribute to popular songs, to the richness and personality of music in the oral tradition.

People sing and dance for fun, but they also do it as a ritual, as a belief and ideological conception, as a protest and a complaint or as a declaration of love. The indispensable and most primitive part of this genre has been vocal music, i.e. song. This show sets out from from traditional Spanish music and flamenco and travels to different parts of the world, where the soundscapes may be different but they retain these essences in common. A contemporary interpretation of Sephardic, Andean, Latin American and Spanish songs draws us into this raw, exciting concert in which the voice, the guitar, the accordion, electronics and percussion will be the vehicles to take us to the roots of “folk songs.”

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