Sunday, August 28 at 12 noon
Plaça de la Vila
Cornudella de Montsant

Agua is the best word to describe the duo formed by Joan Peiró Aznar and Lies Hendrix. The water spills and spreads, it freezes and stops, it boils and rises, it plummets or drives away. It bubbles, travels and flows. Water is dynamic and so is music. Joan and Lies sneak away in the intimacy of the sound to establish a dialogue between colleagues, modest and sincere.

Their latest project Noninó was born from the Safor heart. In it they use music to pay homage to the land that has seen Joan born and grow and that has welcomed Lies. Popular culture is the source from which his creations spring. The flamenco and jazz manouche of Joan Peiró Aznar are intertwined with the folk music and musette of Lies Hendrix to color the dances and musical expressions of our land. Habaneras, jotas, mazurkas and lullabies wave between modern harmony and the craftsmanship of traditional music, wet improvisation and sung poetry.

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#festivalterrer 2022

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