A vore

Folk with contemporary dance

20 October
9 pm / 5 €
Teatre l’Artesana

More than one hundred years ago a new trend in music and dance extended from Vienna throughout Europe to reach the city of Tortosa. The elders put their claim at seeing how the valsets and the new dances seized out rhythms and customs of always. The modern was that and the invasive species transformed a way of doing and feeling.

“A Vore” is a research project of music and dance that works from the document and traditional expressivity, the rhythms, the dances, the words of the regions of the Baix Ebre, Montsià and Baix Maestrat, and makes them dialogue with the music of Astrio and the performative dance of Sònia Gómez. A Vore are jotas + samplers + guitars + contemporary dance.

Sònia Gómez, dance / Ramon Balagué, voice Pau Puig, dolçaina & aixades / Carme Balagué, dance / Santi Serratosa, drums Arecio Smith, syntetizers / Santi Careta, guitar

#festivalterrer 2018

  • En el marc del 1r Congrés de la Jota als Territoris de Parla Catalana.