Papa Orbe & Los Científicos del Sabor


Saturday, August 27 at 7pm
Mas de Sant Marcell
Cornudella de Montsant

Papa Orbe Ortíz is a multifaceted musician: instrumentalist, composer, singer, arranger and music producer originally from Santiago de Cuba. An artist specializing in the interpretation of the Cuban tres, in his youth he shared sound experiences with artists of the stature of Ibrahim Ferrer, the ensemble Chapotin or the Casa de la Trova de Santiago.

During his extensive musical career, his work as an arranger for the Colombian label Discos Fuentes and accompanying musician for Toto La Momposina or Albita stands out. By 2021, by the hand of the specialized record label Rocafort Memories, he enters one of the best national studios together with musicians from Cuba, Colombia, Catalonia and Venezuela to record his first production that has resulted in a festive and emotional album that the voice of his family roots and traditional Cuban music and Latin jazz.


Tickets: 25 €
DO Montsant wine tasting
Food and bar service, dinner in the vienyard!
Doors opens at 6pm

How to get there?
From the C-242 take the TP-7402 to Porrera, before the kilomtre 1 you will find the Mas de Sant Marcell sign on the right. Don’t follow Google’s hints, they’ll take you down the wrong path.

#festivalterrer 2022

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