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Saturday 19th November at 7pm
Casal de l'Olivera
Els Guiamets

1/4 Experimental, resident company at Espai en Moviment in Cornudella de Montsant, presents Decorator Crab; a dance piece that reflects on the body and the use of clothing from the point of view of consumption and fashion.

Unlike a crab that chooses its decoration in order to hide from its predators, we are increasingly vulnerable to the pressure of fashion and clothing as a way of being seen and feeling ourselves to be accepted.

A powerful, uninhibited production that uses a highly visual language in which movement and voice, expressed through the use of textiles, generate a torrent of images that change and are transfigured in the eye of the viewer, expressing obvious critical interpretations of consumer society. playing drama off against irony in order to deconstruct the psychological structures planted in us.

Interpreters: Ivelice Brown, Victoria Villalba, Meritxell Romanos,
Gemma Juncosa, Elisenda Lopez, Noemí Delgado

Tickets: 18€
Doors opens at 6.30pm

#festivalterrer 2022

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